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This game is called Dice, but it is not the typical game of luck and probability using a simple cube with numbered sides. Instead, it is a crypto-oriented Dice game where you have a greater range and higher fidelity of potential outcomes (1-100). Your task is to predict whether the lucky number that the Dice will roll is higher or lower than a certain digit. You win if the Dice rolls under the number you've predicted. If you're new to Dice and have absolutely no clue how to play this game, we explained the basics below.


Step 1) Deposit funds to your personal deposit address and wait for the confirmation. As soon as we receive the transaction, you can start gambling.
Step 2) Select the amount you want to wager in one bet and enter that amount in the 'Bet Amount' field.
Step 3) Slide your payout multiplier, but remember, the chance of winning the bet depends on your multiplier, so choose wisely. This is your lucky number. You can select this within the range of 1 to 95. The gist here is to ensure that this digit will roll under your prediction.
Step 4) A number is rolled after you have made your prediction and pressed Roll Dice. Numbers can go from 1 to 100. If the number falls below the range you picked, you win the bet and receive the payout shown to you. If the number is above your predicted range, your bet is lost and you lose the amount wagered.


This game is the same game described above, done fully automatic. Simply choose the amount of Spins and the system will play exactly the amount of spins for you.

Step 1) Select the Amount of Spins
Step 2) Choose whether your bet amount should increase when you WIN. It takes 100% to 200%. 100% means no change in your bet amount, 200% means double your bet amount. For example: If you select 200%, your initial bet amount: 0.002 eth, upon a winning spin, it will increase to 0.004eth. (0.002 * 200%). Reset to base means, it will reset to your original bet amount when you started auto-dice.
Step 3) Press Start. You'll be able to see your spins left beside the stop button. Should you run out of credits (we hope not!), the game will stop. Note: For infinite play, you will not be able to see the amount of spins left.


Provably Fair gambling is a technology that is unique to Bitcoin gambling that makes it impossible for a player or casino to cheat.
You no longer have to doubt the house for your every loss. So, whatever game you are playing, you can be confident that the result is fair and accurate given its fairness is provable.

Seeds are generated strings that are used for cryptographic purpose.

Last server seed SHA256: Last seed generated on our side (encrypted SHA256)
Last server seed: Last server seed generated by our side
Last client seed: Last client seed generated on your side
Next server seed SHA256: Next server seed (encrypted SHA256)
Next client seed: Your next client seed
SHA512 hash: Server seed and client seed combined and encrypted in SHA512

To check if your last bet was truly fair, go to an online SHA512 generator, copy Server and Client seed and for a result you' ll receive SHA512 hash .

Then, convert characters from Hexadecimal to Decimal in sets by two. If decimal result finish with digit between 1-100, then this digit represents fallen number. If the number is higher than 100, then the step is skipped and we convert the next set from hexadecimal to decimal until we find proper number (1-100).